Gianni Chen

fall 2013

Linux/Unix Skills Instruction G. Chen K. Ninomiya

CIS 191

Computational Linguistics A. Nenkova

CIS 530

Game Design Practicum S. H. Lane

CIS 568

Figure Drawing I D. Martenson

FNAR 580

Film Forms and Contexts P. Messaris

COMM 240

spring 2013

Linux/Unix Skills Instruction G. Chen E. O'Brien

CIS 191

Senior Capstone Project N. Badler

CIS 497

Web Technologies D. Comberg

FNAR 399

Typography S. Hyland

FNAR 569

Oceanography B. Horton

GEOL 130

fall 2012

Computer Animation S. H. Lane

CIS 562

Creative Thinking and Design A. Cho

IPD 511

Introduction to Electricity and Magnetism R. Johnson

PHYS 141

Perception A. Stocker

PSYC 111

spring 2011

Linear Algebra and Optimization J. Gallier

CIS 515

Algorithms S. Khanna

CIS 320

Physically Based Animation J. Kider

CIS 563

Consumer Behavior A. Reed

MKTG 211

Japanese II S. Koizumi

JPAN 012

fall 2011

Operating Systems B. T. Loo

CIS 380

Computer Graphics N. Badler

CIS 560

Web Design I S. Buck

FNAR 234

Japanese I S. Koizumi

JPAN 011

spring 2010

Databases S. Davidson

CIS 330

Introduction to Computer Graphics N. Badler

CIS 277

Linear Algebra Applications C. J. Taylor

EAS 205

Introduction to Mechanics R. Johnson

PHYS 140

Social Digital Media K. Hampton

COMM 409

fall 2010

Introduction to Computer Systems C. J. Taylor

CIS 240

Automata, Computability and Complexity R. Alur

CIS 262

Visual Communication P. Messaris

COMM 262

3D Modeling S. White

FNAR 235

Introduction to Cognitive Science L. Ungar D. Brainard

COGS 001

spring 2009

Introduction to Data Structures and Algorithms V. Tannen

CIS 121

Python Programming A. Aviv

CIS 192

Linux/Unix P. Metzger

CIS 191

Digital Design Foundations S. Reifsnyder

FNAR 264

Introduction to Marketing K. Niedermeier

MKTG 101

Introduction to Microeconomics R. Stein

ECON 001

fall 2009

Programming Languages and Techniques I B. C. Pierce

CIS 120

Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science J. Gallier

CIS 160

Drawing I J. W. Curran

FNAR 123

Introduction to Experimental Psychology P. Rozin

PSYC 001

Mathematics: The Language of the Universe (Writing Seminar) T. Carmody

WRIT 065

winter 2009 (UBC)

Ordinary Differential Equations G. Bluman

MATH 215

Honors Linear Algebra P. Brosnan

MATH 223

Integral Calculus M. MacDonald

MATH 101

Introduction to Software Development J. Little

CPSC 211

summer 2008 (Stanford)

Linear Algebra and Differential Calculus with Several Variables A. Toussaint


Programming Methodology B. Burr O. Jimenez

CS 106A